23 Paid Search Planning Questions

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Ask Yourself These Questions to Set Up an Expert-Level Plan For Your Next Round of Sponsored Search Campaigns.

Ensuring your success with paid search marketing campaigns can be as simple as taking a few moments to figure out some key points of information that will help to shape and guide the setup and performance of the initiative. 

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5 Signs Your Company Is Ready For Paid Search

Digital Marketing PPC AdWords

So you’re weighing the options of starting a paid search campaign. You’ve heard it’s a standard part of digital marketing. Or perhaps you’ve noticed that your competitors are running ads on Google and you are worried that you’re missing an opportunity.

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Strategy 101: Consumer Demand Dictates Your Business Strategy, Not Sales

Strategy Branding

Companies are under constant pressure of adapting their business or closing the doors for good. One company learned first-hand how avoiding change and ignoring market trends can lead to an unfortunate demise.

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Strategy 101: Using a Business Strategy to Increase Sales

Strategy Growth. Powered by Risdall.

As managers think long-term about how to continue growing their business, we often recommend that they start by evaluating their current and potential product offerings and markets. Each of these quadrants is comprised of different strategic activities that help businesses overcome growth challenges.

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Strategy 101: Backlash over The Perfect “Body” by Victoria’s Secret

Strategy Branding

Victoria’s Secret is America’s largest retailer of women’s underwear, known for its lacey lingerie, floral negligee patterns and PINK brand. Even though Victoria’s Secret continues to dominate the market, it has earned a reputation for less-than-perfect marketing tactics toward women.

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Strategy 101: An Overview of Strategic Planning for Marketing Campaigns

Strategy Branding

Every good marketing campaign is rooted in a strong strategic foundation.

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SEO Misconceptions: Getting #1 Organic Rankings

Digital Marketing SEO Health Care

For the uninitiated, this phrase may seem perfectly reasonable:

Do what you have to do to get us to rank #1 on Google.

The intention behind this sentence is pure enough; however, it needs to be unpacked a bit and should be much more specific. Without doing so it could cost you more than you’re willing to spend this year, a lot of time lost to frustration and confusion and may even lead to tactics you didn’t mean to use.

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Frustrations with Ad Blockers and Content Marketing Share This Common Trait

Digital Marketing Content Marketing Advertising

Recently, there was a flood of articles and opinion posts on how ad blockers signaled the end of digital advertising. Digital ads won’t go anywhere.

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How to Perfect Your Communications Strategy

Buyer Personas Higher Education

It’s easy to get caught up in the daily to-do list of emails, social posts, meetings and even remembering to eat. During this frenzy, have you taken time to really get to know the people you’re communicating with?

Our experience in marketing communications has taught us a few simple things that can help you develop a solid strategy and make it easy to implement. Your communications will be much more effective if you invest the time upfront.

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Get Your Digital House in Order

Digital Marketing SEO

Imagine you’re having a housewarming party. What if I told you I could set up a way to know what each of your friends thought of your new place, how they moved through your house as they showed themselves around, how many of the people you invited actually came and what they are saying about your house to your face and behind your back? Wouldn't you be interested in learning about this?

With the digital tools in today's marketing environment, the potential is there to do this with your digital house: your website. Like your home, your website is the digital representation of who your organization is and what it stands for.

A lackluster website can stop even the most well-planned marketing campaigns from working as well as they should. Even before they are launched.

If you want to be able to get everything you can out of your digital efforts, or you want to integrate your digital with your traditional marketing, or use all of the latest tools, it all starts in one place: your website.

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