Risdall’s Hybrid Work Environment Puts People First

Our vision: Create a space that inspires us and our clients, gives us room to be creative and thoughtful and is modern and innovative.

We think we achieved it and we invite you to come and take a tour. Meanwhile, we wanted to share a few highlights with you.

Our new space gives us the best of a flexible work environment that allows for creating better ideas through collaboration. As Risdall has evolved, so has our workplace, with on-site amenities, plug-and-play technology and a hybrid environment that makes coming to work an experience.Risdall- The Risdall Way.jpg

Here are eight features about the new space you can come see when you visit.

1. High-tech digital capabilities.

With fiber optic internet and phones that can transcribe voicemails, we’re communicating faster than ever. Our new projectors work at the touch of a button and our mobile monitors let us collaborate when and where we need.

2. Quick access to the Twin Cities.

Located just off 35W and County Road C in Roseville, Risdall is a quick drive to downtown St. Paul and Minneapolis, as well as our friends in the suburbs.

3. Spacious video room.

Our huge video room lets us host events for up to 70 people and includes the ability for anyone to plug in and share their work on the big screen.

4. Hybrid work environment.

Our new office has the best of both worlds with collaboration zones and individualized workspaces. From comfy chairs to diner-style booths, we’re engaging in a whole new setup.

Risdall- Working.jpg

5. Welcoming environment tailored to clients. 

To give our clients a warm welcome, we added the ability to personalize a display as well as change the colors of the lights at our front entrance to match our guests’ branding.

6. Fun amenities.

Risdall’s office is complete with a workout facility and pool table to help relax at the end of the day.

Risdall- Pool Table.jpg

7. Award row.

We’ve lined up trophies our team has earned over the years, as well as created digital displays to highlight our award-winning work.

8. Contemporary architecture.

With high ceilings and a modern design, we can’t wait to show clients and friends around our new office.

Risdall- Front Desk.jpg

We have had quite a few people through our new digs. For each we have asked them, "What are your two words?"

The first word answers, how would you describe our new home? And the second answers, how does it make you feel?

Two of my favorite words so far are it looks so ‘polished’ and when asked how it makes you feel the word that came to mind is it feels like ‘RISDALL’.

Check out the word cloud to see how people are defining our space. Choose your favorites and then come see the space and share your two words.

Risdall -word-cloud.png

We’d love to show you the new Risdall office, so give us a call at (651) 286-6700 and be sure to keep an eye out for our housewarming party in early 2017!

Ted Risdall

Written by Ted Risdall